Going With The Flow

Hawaii is magical. I was washed over with an overwhelming amount of love, joy, and gratitude! I truly intend to hold onto these feelings and spread them into my life at home. 

I approached this experience with the intention of being present and going with the flow. I was not attached to having everything “go my way,” but instead to go whichever way it was supposed to go. I had a couple of challenging moments, which I tried to remember were there to teach me something, but all in all, this method worked perfectly! I was able to meet some amazing, generous, and kind people, who touched my heart. Big THANK YOU to all of them! They provided opportunities to see more and expand my understanding of life.
I didn’t have a single bad day! I think this was because I had no attachment to outcome. I just wanted to be there and absorb as much as possible. Without any specific plans in mind, I found my way to hiking volcanos, snorkeling, whale watching (55+ whales breaching before my eyes), watching the sunrise over the clouds on top of Haleakala, swimming with dolphins, sea turtles, incredible fish and even an octopus, viewing waterfalls, exploring caves, seeing mind blowing views, old friendships strengthened and new friendships being born.  

There’s something to be said for having different opinions, religious views, life goals, interests and viewpoints on life, than another person, and yet loving and appreciating them for being exactly who they are. Perfect and different. 



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