Why I Love To Travel

When we are first born into existence, EVERYTHING is new. We look at every moment of every day as an opportunity to absorb information and develop ourselves as members of society. As the years pass, we start to cultivate beliefs, and with those beliefs we begin to create boxes and parameters to live by. Once we start living in these boxes, it becomes difficult to believe anything that doesn’t align with our original set of core beliefs. Some of those beliefs are simple, like, “a rock is hard” and some are much more complicated, like, “I am a woman, and women should wear makeup in order to look pretty.” We create these rules, and we chose to live by them. In doing so, we close ourselves off to the endless possibilities that life has to offer. Stepping outside of our routine, comfort zone and state, presents us with an opportunity to see that worlds of people have grown up with different sets of rules, and different understandings of life. When we realize that everything we know, is written in pencil and can be erased and reworked, we start to realize our potential as humans in this amazing world, that is our Earth.

IMG_5068  IMG_2812          IMG_5042  IMG_4019

Traveling opens our eyes and builds the resume of our soul. Once, I visited a tarot card reader/psychic medium, and I asked her to tell me about my past lives. She started to tell me story after story of many lives I had once belonged to. They were all just snippets and pieces of a full lifetime. I was so excited, interested and amazed at all the things I had possibly done. Then I looked back on the life I was living now, and started to think about it as if it were one of the stories she had shared. I realized that, my story would have given me a similar excitement. I’m from a wonderful family that has given me an enormous amount of love, encouragement and support. I found a career that allows me to be an artist for a living, and not starve! I’m so very grateful for this life and am eager to keep learning and unlearning and relearning everything, over and over again.

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