You Are a Gift

When I was 18, my mom told me that everyone is a perfectly wrapped, amazing gift. Some people start opening their gift right away, while others wait 30 to 60 years, or even an entire lifetime to share the contents of who they are, with the world. When they finally do, they make the World and those around them a better place. As I have come to understand, discovering your gift has much to do with following your passions and excitements in life. At every moment in every day, we are given the opportunity to choose the path we’ll take. We choose it, sometimes so quickly that it goes unnoticed. Other times we feel like we don’t have any choice, but it’s our choice to feel that way too! The idea is to realize that there is always something you would prefer, and to take that path. It can mean being spontaneous, but it shouldn’t mean skipping school or work (unless it does). It doesn’t always mean that you are going to have fun, but perhaps you’ll be doing what your heart knows is right in that moment. I’m starting this dialog in attempt to share some of the amazing and wonderful wisdom that I have come to live by.  I hope that by doing so, I remind you of the connection we all share.


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